100 Places, A Thousand Smiles

Taking a break only half way in to the Mt. Olympus hike, Oahu, Hawaii

This marks the 100th post on my blog. I can’t believe people have hung in this long to read about it :) I thought about posting my Bucket List, as it seems to be a common thing these days, but I’m not quite ready to write one yet. So instead, I’ve decided to post 100 of my favorite places. It took longer than I thought, and I know I’ve forgotten to include many favorites (maybe a follow-up post will be needed), but at least this is a start. My definition of place is loose- it could be a favorite park, restaurant, city… any type of place. Some are specific and some are general. I hope you enjoy and find a few places here that you can add to your future travels list! Maybe one day there will be a post about all of these. And by the way, this list is biased: I’m from South Carolina and have spent most of my life in the USA. So, here goes.

1. Grand Tetons, Wyoming (USA)
2. Charleston, South Carolina (USA)
3. Old Town, Stockholm (Sweden)
4. Kendwa, Zanzibar (Tanzania)
5. Mexican restaurants, including Tex Mex (southeastern USA)
6. San Francisco, California (USA)
7. Sequoia National Park, California (USA)

Sequoia National Park, California

8. Appalachian Mountains (USA)
9. Park City, Utah (USA)
10. Okavango Delta (Botswana)
11. Pundamilia (Kenya)
12. Cape Town (South Africa)
13. Cinque Terre (Italy)
14. Petra (Jordan)

Monastery, Petra, Jordan

15. Chicago, Illinois (USA)
16. Yellowstone National Park (USA)
17. Acadia National Park, Maine (USA)
18. Nantahala River white-water rafting (USA)
19. Sliding Rock, North Carolina (USA)
20. Luang Prabang (Laos)
21. Swimming in caves & jumping off waterfalls, Kauai, Hawaii (USA)
22. Mt. Olympus summit hike, Oahu, Hawaii (USA)
23. Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington (USA)
24. Table Rock, South Carolina (USA)
25. Fred Symmes Chapel, Camp Greenville, South Carolina (USA)
26. Isle of Palms, South Carolina (USA)
27 New Orleans, Louisiana (USA)
28. Victoria (Canada)
29. Sapa (Vietnam)
30. Portland, Oregon (USA)
31. City Market, Charleston, South Carolina (USA)
32. Duomo, Florence (Italy)
33. Wadi Mujib (Jordan)
34. Felucca trip on the Nile River (Egypt)
35. Masaii Mara (Kenya)
36. Chobe River (Botswana)
37. Likoma Island (Malawi)
38. Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
39. Driving Highway 1, California (USA)
40. Renaissance architecture, Florence (Italy)
41. Driving the Amalfi Coast (Italy)
42. The scruffy streets of Nairobi (Kenya)
43. Antigua (Guatemala)
44. Cape Cod, Massachusetts (USA)
45. Central Park, New York (USA)
46. Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota (USA)
47. Mount Vernon, Virginia (USA)
48. Boone Hall Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina (USA)
49. The Gourmet Shop, Columbia, South Carolina (USA)
50. Dramatic mountain landscapes with gorillas (Rwanda)
51. Big Island snorkeling, Hawaii (USA)

One of many great times snorkeling in Hawaii

52. Mammoth Cave, Kentucky (USA)
53. Sossusvlei sand dunes (Namibia)
54. Cape Point (South Africa)
55. Spending time on the lakes, South Carolina (USA)
56. Blossom restaurant, Charleston, South Carolina (USA)
57. Old Biscuit Mill Saturday market, Cape Town (South Africa)
58. Muong Ngoi Neua (Laos)
59. Art galleries of Hoi An (Vietnam)
60. Nyiragongo Volcano (DR Congo)
61. Aqua waters (surrounding Haiti)
62. Neyland Stadium, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA)
63. Maggie Valley, North Carolina (USA)
64. Libraries: my obsession takes me there once a week (USA)
65. The Horseshoe, University of South Carolina (USA)
66. Mackinac Island, Michigan (USA)
67. Wadi Dana (Jordan)
68. Kilwin’s Ice Cream Shop, Charleston, South Carolina (USA)
69. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California (USA)
70. Farms, fields, and winding country roads (USA)
71. Bar Harbor, Maine (USA)
72. Smithsonian, Washington D.C (USA)
73. Mystic, Connecticut
73. Small towns of Vermont (USA)
74. Coca Cola Museum, Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
75. Sunday afternoon swims on Paris Mountain, South Carolina (USA)
76. Jackson Hole, Wyoming (USA)
77. Abu Simbel (Egypt)

Abu Simbel, Egypt

78. Siwa (Egypt)
79. Flume Gorge, New Hampshire (USA)
80. Cannon Mountain, New Hampshire (USA)

Hiking in New Hampshire with my sister

81. Venice (Italy)
82. Rome’s architectural gems (Italy)
83. Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota (USA)
84. Multiplaza Panamericana, San Salvador (El Salvador)
85. Lake Nakuru & the Rift Valley (Kenya)
86. Monkey Bay (Malawi)
87. The Homestead Crater hot spring, Utah (USA)
88. Burano (Italy)
89. Tuscany: Lucca, San Gimignano (Italy)
90. Bear Lake, Utah (USA)
91. Roper Mountain, Greenville, South Carolina (USA)
92. Gulf of Mexico beaches, Florida (USA)
93. Great Smoky Mountains in the fall, Tennessee & North Carolina (USA)
94. Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California (USA)
95. Home during the holidays, various states (USA)
96. The Battery, Charleston, South Carlina (USA)
97. Lake Kivu (Rwanda)
98. Frank Lloyd Wright works, Oak Park, Chicago, Illinois (USA)
99. Fort Sanders Manor, Knoxville, Tennessee (USA)
100. Sunrises and sunsets in Africa– they don’t get any better

Since this isn’t a bucket list, it’s supposed to be places I’ve already been. I’m adding one to the list that I haven’t seen yet and it can kick off my bucket list whenever I decide to write it.
Honorary 101: Houses by Luis Barragan in Mexico

Have you been to any of these places?

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