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I am behind. Really behind. I’m still writing about midway through my Italy travels, yet if you’ve kept up with my daily updates, you know I have since gone to Jordan and am currently in Kenya. I was certain I would have time to catch up while volunteering at the orphanage in Kenya, but the children are out of school which means lots of cooking, cleaning, gardening, childcare, etc. My day starts around 7am and ends around 9pm. By that time I am pretty much exhausted and ready to crawl into bed. I didn’t want to write out of order, but I’m afraid it’s reached that point. I don’t want to get further behind so I will be posting about my current stay at the orphanage and also continuing on about Italy and Jordan.

I have sorted lots of photos so far, but have yet to upload most of them. And as for Sole Purpose, I have lined up a few organizations who will receive donations, yet, there is no post about them yet. I promise I will catch up one way or another, it just may take me a minute. Or two :) Did I mention I’m still trying to find time to run too?

To get to the internet cafe and phone, it’s a 15 minute walk to catch the matatu (minibus) and about a 40 minute drive to town. I have a wireless modem that I finally got to work out here in the village but it’s a bit more costly.  My RSS feed has lots of unread articles and blogs in it…. I’m feeling very disconnected at the moment. Luckily my parents clued me in on the issues with flights in Europe and major events.

So, one day you may be reading about my run-in with the pigs in Kenya and the next may be about my marathon running (which reminds me- I have more runs to upload). Okay, enough talking about it, time to get on top of it!

5 thoughts on “Blog Housekeeping

  • I actually prefer this! It doesn’t feel disjointed to me at all; just go back and forth as the whimsy hits you and as you feel drawn. The main thing is to stick to one theme per post: don’t start with Kenya and end with a stroll down the beach in Italy, for instance. ;)

    You’re doing an amazing job keeping up with any writing at all! Keep it up, you won’t regret the work.
    .-= Jolyn@Budgets are the New Black´s last blog ..Will work for food. And beer. =-.

  • I can so relate. It always takes a while to get into a flow when you’re traveling long term. I come back after a day of seeing the sights and have at least an hour’s worth of work just sorting and labeling photos Then there’s the process of selecting which photos to use for the blog posts, resizing them, writing the post, uploading everything, and hoping that the Internet works after all that effort. That’s not to mention dealing with tweets, Facebook comments, hundreds of emails a week – ugh! And God forbid if you happen to go a longer stretch without Internet – I didn’t have it for more than a week while I was in the remote Copper Canyons of Mexico, and it took me three weeks to dig out. No one can really relate to how much work it is unless they’ve actually experienced it. What I can tell you is that it gets easier as you go along. Try to give yourself a break. A lot of what I read is you putting pressure on yourself. Don’t get so stressed that it ceases to be fun.
    .-= Barbara Weibel´s last blog ..An Adventure In Copper Canyon, Mexico, Chapter Fourteen – Semana Santa Celebration in Cerocahui on Good Friday =-.

  • Ah – juggling it all AND having fun is hard…very hard! Don’t worry though and there’s certainly no need to apologize or try to explain – everyone understands! I’m still writing about Nepal and that was back in October 2009! Don’t worry about jumping around…we love it all!

  • I appreciate all of the comments! I’m sure it will work out just fine. I am currently stressing over itinerary and have some big decisions to make, so my stress over blogging has been pushed aside :)

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