Cape Town: Table Mountain

Fog rolling in to Table Mountain

Table Mountain provides Cape Town with its dramatic backdrop. As you may have so cleverly deduced, Table Mountain is a flat plateau. While the more adventurous may choose an intense hike/climb up the steep cliffs, most visitors use the Aerial Cableway. Built in 1928, the Cableway has gone through several upgrades, the latest of which is the switch to new cable cars with a rotating floor. Going up and down on the lift, passengers rotate a little more than 360 degrees, giving you full views of the city and the mountain.

Riding up Cable Car in the fog

Things to Remember:
1. The Aerial Cableway is shut down more frequently than one might think due to winds. Always check for the latest information before heading there. The website provides accurate info on this.
2. Take a jacket- it gets quite cold up there.
3. Be prepared for fog. It may be foggy when you reach the top so give yourself some extra time in case you want to wait it out. It’s worth it in order to see the views of Cape Town.
4. There is a student discount given on Fridays, entitling you to approximately 30% off the ticket price.

I spent a little over two hours at the top, walking around, sipping on delicious hot chocolate at the cafe at the top, and waiting for the fog to clear. Here are a few pictures from the day:

Momentary glimpse of Cape Town before the fog returned
Stadium where the World Cup was held in Cape Town
Lion's Head in the distance
View opposite of Cape Town

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