Casa Mila & A Little Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi is one of the most famous Spanish architects and affiliated with the Art Nouveau movement. His designs are heavily influenced by nature and characterized by curvilinear forms. While many turn to puns and call Gaudi’s work ‘gaudy’, I think it is difficult not to appreciate his style after learning about his design process and what inspires him.

Gaudi is not gaudy

Need proof? Look at the roof on Casa Mila, a Barcelona apartment building designed by Gaudi. To wander through these magnificent sculptures, one must walk up and down steps. It really is an experience to discover what is next around each turn. It is not easily taken in at first glance.

Although I think more obvious in La Sagrada Familia (which I will be posting photos of soon) , Gaudi draws inspiration from nature:

Bones: The columns on La Sagrada Familia resemble bones

In addition to architecture, Gaudi also designed furniture and interiors:

While I’m not a fan of Art Nouveau furniture, Gaudi’s architecture is remarkable. If I haven’t convinced you yet, stay tuned for photos of La Sagrada Familia which will show his stained glass talent as well!

More of Casa Mila:


14 thoughts on “Casa Mila & A Little Gaudi

  • Ahh, what lovely pictures! I, too, am a Gaudi fan, and while I’ve been to Spain a half dozen times (my first guidebook for Frommer’s was for Spain), it was all pre-DSLR and I’m dying to go back now with a good camera to get some decent shots!

  • I love Gaudi’s work. Where is Casa Mila? I’m sure I heard about it when I was in Barcelona but I definitely missed it! Looks very cool!

  • Love the bed! And the chairs, but the bed is best. There’s nothing better than ‘stuff’ that is aesthetically pleasing. Maybe one day I’ll have a Gaudi-inspired house… Or at least one that isn’t bland.

  • Your posts on Barcelona have come at the best time! You are seriously getting me even more pumped up about going there and I wouldn’t have thought that was even possible!

  • I´m in Barcelona at the moment too, and I was at Casa Mila the day before you! :) It was a great visit. Hold on tight to your purse, though. I got mugged in broad daylight near the Cascade in the Parc de la Ciutadella by two teenaged boys yesterday. Unbelievable–there were even people around! I held on to my bag, but one of them reached into my pocket, grabbed my iPhone and got away before I could catch them. I´ve spent a lot of time in tough cities, but this is nuts.There are great things to see and do in Barcelona, but that experience has pretty much soured me on the place.

  • Such inspiring spectaculars.Love them so much.I can’t wait to see them in person one day.Travelling is my big dream.Thanks for your sharing.

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