Chobe River Cruise: A Photo Essay

The number one place to safari in Botswana is at Chobe National Park.  Having been on a safari in Kenya two years ago, and heading on another safari when I got to Namibia, I had planned on skipping a visit to Chobe. But I met quite a few travellers who said the river cruise through Chobe was an absolute must. Everyone I met spoke with such conviction that I knew it was something I had to do. For my third night in Kasane, I was going to be camping at the swanky Chobe Safari Lodge. It’s really expensive for my shoestring budget but luckily I bought a tent back in Zambia and was prepared to camp for a tenth of the price. This lodge is where most people book their river cruise- you go out on a boat with maybe 30 other people. However, the tour company who made a new license plate for us had a cheaper tour and only 8 other people booked on it.  We departed at 3:00pm for our three hour cruise. The journalist I was traveling with had done this cruise five times and said this one was the best. And you’ll soon see why. We saw hippos laying out of the water (normally they only come out at night), there was a family of elephants crossing the water, and there were magnificent views as the sun was beginning to set. Enjoy the photos!

Is this a crocodile or a tree?

13 thoughts on “Chobe River Cruise: A Photo Essay

  • I didn’t want the photos to end, my god they were sooo beautiful! Especially the ones of the elephants!!! I bet you’re delighted you did this safari after all? I can’t wait to do another African safari, it’s been WAY too long.

    • Andi,
      This was definitely a good decision. The boat trip was only $30, so a very economical way to see cool animals and in such a beautiful setting! You have to get back to Africa soon. And when you go, call me!

  • Wow, these are amazing! In one day it looks like you got to see every animal I would want to see in Africa. Inspiring stuff, I can’t wait to go!

    • Thanks Andrew! It’s amazing how much wildlife you can see in just three hours. However, after having done three safaris now, I have yet to see a leopard. You know what that means…

    • Thank you Simon! Botswana is one of my favorite countries I’ve been to in terms of seeing Wild Africa. Between the Chobe River and the Okavango Delta, it’s just stunning!

  • Fantastic shots, the Chobe river cruise was definitely worth it! Botswana safaris offer a great opportunity to capture some close ups of the wildlife – the Chobe is a great place to visit!

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