Goodbye Columbia, Hello… Kentucky?

Yes, I’ve quit my job just to move in with my parents in Kentucky. But the good news is- it’s temporary! I’m spending a few weeks at home and taking a few weeks to visit some of my favorite people spread across the U.S, before heading out on my trip. Over the next month, I’ll be spending time in Portland, San Francisco, and a couple of other little towns along the way. I’m excited to catch up with friends and family and start seriously preparing for my trip. However, even with all of these adventures in the works, I have to admit- I’m a little sad about leaving Columbia. It’s not exactly an up-and-coming hip place to be (no offense), but it definitely has its perks. So in honor of my move, here are some random things I will miss most:

1. Weekend trips to Charleston. The city has always fascinated me. Its rich history and old southern charm can be experienced through the architecture, the graveyard tours, the City Market (once the former slave market), and the food. Charleston has wonderful beaches, including Isle of Palms, and we’ve spent many weekends hanging out here.


2. Gourmet Shop Chicken Salad. Southerners love barbecue, chicken salad, fried okra, and sweet tea. If it’s fatty, sugary, or fried (or a combination of them all), we like it. I could do without most of these, but for the next 9 months I think I might spend some nights dreaming about the chicken salad from The Gourmet Shop. It’s soooo good!

Best Chicken Salad

3. Jenn and Adam (My sister and brother-in-law). You’re probably surprised that they made the list, and frankly, I am too! But keep in mind they did let me live with them for 17 months, and they didn’t kick me out! Sure, they threatened on multiple occasions to make me go sleep in the mini-house (i.e. the shed in the backyard), but luckily these threats were never followed through. I had a warm bed, was spoiled with homemade dinner most nights, and was even allowed to tag along on many occasions. Of course I had to put up with Adam dissing on my ‘hood car’… (Editor’s note: This was originally point #4, however Jenn was offended to be below donk cars, so I had to rearrange)

4. Donk Cars. Apparently this is the name for those pimped-out cars you see driving around town. Just do a google search and you’ll see how they’re gaining in popularity. It’s always entertaining to have one roll up beside you at a stoplight. I’ve spotted several cars around Columbia painted with cereals, Strawberry Shortcake, and even Cheetos.

5. Football Season. Although not unique to Columbia (pictured is Citadel Homecoming), football season is always a good time. Being in a college town, you can always find an excuse to tailgate. Good food and good company! And then of course there’s the football game.

6. And finally: Beckett. Perhaps the cutest Boston Terrier ever, (although his cousin Brigid rivals him) he’s a little troublemaker that loves visitors, any type of food except pretzels, destroying stuffed animals, and trying to get the last drops out of a beer bottle.

Boston Terrier

What’s your favorite thing about Columbia?

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