He Pimped His Ride

After a few beautiful days spent exploring San Francisco, biking the Golden Gate Bridge, and hanging out with friends, Stella and I were on the road again (via Highway 1) to Los Angeles. It was a nice sunny day, we made a few stops along the coast to enjoy the views, and were closing in on LA when we got a little surprise on the freeway. Just as we got just past Santa Barbara, we came upon this sight. I’m not even sure how to describe it; Stella and I both did a double-take. ‘Oh my, what is on that car?’ I guess you could call it a piece of art on wheels. Skeletons, baby dolls, and miscellaneous junk adorned the back of this early 90’s hatchback. We stayed alongside this car for a few miles and each time we looked, there was something new to discover.  The blue goo you see at the very top- what is that? And what’s all of the filler between the masks and skeletons on the back? It’s a bit of a mystery, and I just wish we could have seen this car parked to examine it more closely. This is officially the weirdest car I’ve ever seen.This is a prime example of why road tripping really is the best way to travel sometimes. Even though we were surprised by our introduction to LA, we still got to see everything stereotypical about the city, including Porsches on Rodeo Drive, beautiful palm trees, and the classic Hollywood sign.


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