Hippie Vibe in Venice Beach

Because Stella and I had found such a stunning sunset in Hermosa Beach the night before, Emily and I were hoping for a repeat. We weren’t going to make it to Hermosa in time for sunset, so we stopped in Venice Beach. I had heard that this area was a little more artsy, but the contrast coming from Santa Monica was like night and day. \

We rushed out to the beach to watch the sunset and found a large circle of people playing drums and other small instruments.

Musicians on the beach (taken by Emily)

We wandered past a man on stilts dressed up as some swampy creature.

There were people on rollerblades and skateboards everywhere.

And then of course, there was the clinic that could solve all of your medical problems…

And while the sunset in no way compared to the one I saw at Hermosa Beach, it was still pretty.

Clouds that look like birds


As we left Venice Beach, we caught sight of this mural on a building near the beach.

Emily and I had a fun time walking around. Venice Beach is certainly a great place for people watching. Have you been?

Snapshot from Emily's 35 mm.

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