Jekyll Island’s Driftwood Beach

After a rainy stop in Savannah, we decided to camp for the night on Jekyll Island. I had actually never been, but from what I heard from friends and family, it sounded nice. The island is a state park so there is a $5 fee to get on the island. We planned on camping on the north end near Driftwood Beach. We rushed to make it in time for sunset and when we got to the campground, we were greeted by the cutest old man ever named Mr. Bennett. As our designated ‘host’ at the campground, he pulled up on a golf cart, welcomed us to the island, and then drove in his golf cart to show us our camping spot.

With no time to set up the tent, we headed up the road to catch sunset on Driftwood Beach. It was indescribably beautiful. It was just Stella and I on the beach, crawling under, over, and around these dead but beautiful trees.

Back at the campground, we put up the tent in the dark, discovered there were raccoons everywhere, and even had a laugh when Stella opened the bathroom door and one jumped out at her. The following morning I got up early to run along the boardwalk through the marsh and out to Driftwood Beach. At the suggestion of my friend’s mom, we searched for sand dollars, which are pretty prevalent on the beach. If I had more time, I would have loved to bike the island. I highly recommend Jekyll Island as a stopover in Georgia or a beach destination for a quiet getaway.

8 thoughts on “Jekyll Island’s Driftwood Beach

  • Those trees that are so windblown they are almost horizontal are SUPER cool. Looks like a gorgeous and relaxing place for a quick camping trip!

  • Oh wow I’m in love with your last picture. The colors and warmth make me smile. I have a fascination with driftwood. I always wonder where things had been.

  • Its so sad that as often as I visited GA growing up I never actually visited Jekyll Island. I love the photos they remind me so much of home. Being from SC I really miss the change seasons. Florida seems to just be hot all the time.

  • fantastic! This is majestically! i have no words! And your photos – perfectly convey this. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!

  • Wow, thank you for the amazing recommendation. I think the island is beautiful and the entrance fee is reasonable. I like the different kinds of trees you found. Some of the trees make the place look mysterious. I will remember to stop by.

  • What a beautiful place to camp!! I love the look of those hundred-year-old trees…only in the south! :D Georgia is one of those states I really want to visit!!!

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