Love for Mt. Hood

Timothy Lake by Mt. Hood

I figured an eight-month hiatus from this blog was long enough and that I might shock many of you by actually writing again!… or just posting pretty photos. I have enough content to write for days, but it’s always a balance of time. Now that it’s summer in Oregon, the days are long and my weekends are full. When I’m not working (my job requires me to drive), then I’m taking advantage of the weather and biking where I need to go. The next three months are an outdoor lover’s paradise. The summers in Oregon cause me to momentarily forget how cold I think the winters are and remind me that Portland is AMAZING.

One of my favorite hikes: Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain

One of my favorite spots to explore is the area around Mt. Hood. It’s only about an hour’s drive outside of Portland, and there is so much to discover. While I find myself drawn to return to one of my favorite hikes- Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain– I’ve recently discovered a new trail- Bald Mountain– that sees very few visitors and provides a close-up view of Mt. Hood. A friend of mine also took me swimming at Timothy Lake recently, which features a stunning Mt. Hood backdrop and mildly cool waters, by Oregon’s standards. I never thought I would swim in a lake or river in Oregon, but alas I was wrong. After about 10 minutes of dipping my toes in, I finally took a swim in the lake. Now who’s coming to visit me in Portland???

Views of other mountains (St. Helens, Ranier, Adams) from Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain.


Swimming at Timothy Lake


Mt Hood view from Bald Mountain
Hiking with friends at Bald Mountain- look at the views!

For Timothy Lake: Park at the Hood View campground. I think it has a nice ‘beach’ area, good views, and isn’t as crowded as other spots.

For Bald Mountain via Lolo Pass trail: Head east on 26 until you’re just past Rhododendron. Take a left on Lolo Pass and drive for about 10 miles. This trail splits twice (with no sign mentioning ‘Bald Mountain’). Choose the left path for Pacific Crest Trail at the first split and then the middle path for Muddy Forks at the second split.

5 thoughts on “Love for Mt. Hood

  • This is amazingly beautiful. I mean I have never been to a place that appears so quiet. I would love to take my family there and my kids are gonna love it. Are there any activities other than hiking where you can take take kids under 10? Wonderful clicks by the way.

    • Hi Dave,

      There are plenty of activities for kids. A lot of families go camping (or stay in lodges) and you can ride bikes, rent canoes, and do many outdoor activities in the area :)

  • Hi Laura, I am so glad to see you are writing again and to know you are doing well. Somehow, I had an email from wandering sole and I’m so glad. A lot has gone on in my life lately and I would love to see you if you ever get to Columbia again.
    Take care

    • Cathi!

      I would love to see you again! I am in Charleston in September but I will be in Columbia in December. Will you be home for the holidays?

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