Montage Monday: A Lovely View in Bali

When we set off for the quiet coast of Amed in Bali, we weren’t sure what to expect. Although it is low season, we knew we’d have to bargain hard to afford a decent room and probably wouldn’t get one on the beach. We were blown away when we got a room right across the street from one of the best snorkel spots on the entire coast in the village of Lipah. With nice amenities, a vaulted ceiling, and a spectacular view it was one of our cheapest stays in Bali and one of the most beautiful!

11 thoughts on “Montage Monday: A Lovely View in Bali

  • Hey Laura!

    As soon as I saw this picture I recognized the place. I had one of my best travel experiences there, about 7 years ago, when I helped some fishermen who had their nets stuck in the rock. I had snorkeling gear and there I was, like one more of the group! I have a smilar picture too, taken during sunset, and accommodation was awesome!


    • Thanks Shannon! You’ll just have to make plans to go back. I didn’t get to spend enough time in Ubud and I could revisit every place that I went. It’s beautiful!

  • Absolutely epic shot! I’m considering booking a flight to Bali for a couple days at the beginning of next month! This puts me one step closer!

  • I was in Bali in September. We opted for the jungle but it was still paradise in so many ways. The beach is next! Although I have heard the beaches do not top the beaches of Australia – from my Aussie friends who vacationed there – and my favorite beaches are in Hawaii, hands down. Do you think this beats Hawaii – or at least is on par?

    • Hi Farnoosh-
      Although I have never been to Australia, I would believe it. I lived in Hawaii for a summer and the beaches there are nicer. However, it’s not to say that there aren’t beautiful views in Bali and the culture is what makes it so attractive. You should definitely check out the beaches of Amed as well as snorkeling off of Menjangen Island. I snorkeled a lot in Hawaii, but off of Menjangen is the best I’ve seen!

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