Montage Monday: Color Overload in Burano, Italy

Walking around the quiet island of Burano, I came across this house, and it made me laugh. One, because I don’t wear black clothing very often, and two, because Burano is so colorful that I guess the locals wear black to combat getting color overload. I came across multiple houses that had mostly black clothing out to dry.

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7 thoughts on “Montage Monday: Color Overload in Burano, Italy

  • Awesome photo, I’d love to see what the house looks like on the inside! It’s been almost six years since I’ve been to Italy, and this photo is making my feet itchy to get on a plane and go back.

  • I love this. It’s about 27 years since I was in Burano, but it was magical, and it looks as if it hasn’t changed all that much. I don’t know about there, but here in the Canary Islands, even now some women observe a mourning period after a family death, especially widows, and wear black, sometimes for up to a year. Observing over the last 20+ years it’s a tradition which is dying out, but the older women still do it.

    • I really loved Burano! Wearing black up to a year- that’s something I’ve never heard of. Interesting. It could be possible because there were several houses with all black clothing out front. Thanks for sharing!

      • I believe I had what was possibly the most memorable meal of my life there for one thing!

        I often used to see old ladies in the villages all dressed in black, including a black headscarf, I can’t honestly say I remember seeing that recently, possibly it’s me being accustomed to it, or possibly it’s a tradition which has died out as womens’ rights became the norm.

        You see those bags hanging by the door? They could well be for the local baker to leave their daily order. That’s something which used to happen here too. I was only talking with some Canarian friends the other day about how it’s died out as the big supermarkets sprang up. Burano is maybe too small for that to happen, which is nice.

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