Montage Monday: Malawi, A Reminder in Simplicity

As the plane was making its descent into Lilongwe, I had my face glued to the window. I felt like I was flying into the pages of a National Geographic magazine. I could see little villages as we were approaching the airport. In Malawi, the huts are still largely made of mud with grass roofs. While they look quite picturesque, reminding me of childhood visits to my grandmother’s where I flipped through stacks of National Geographics, its a reality check to how simple people can and do live. I technically have internet access now through my wireless modem again, however it’s so expensive, that I probably won’t be posting again until I reach Zambia. And it’s actually a nice break away from the fast paced technology-ridden world that we live in. I’m typing this up by candlight- there’s an electricity shortage in  Malawi and with the World Cup going on, they’ve shut off power between games. It’s not all that bad. Sure we (the volunteers) whined over not being able to heat up water for tea, but it’s hardly a sacrifice considering how people in other parts of the world live daily.

And on a final note: the people in Malawi really are as friendly as their reputations claim them to be.

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