Montage Monday: Monkey Business in Diani

diani stilts kenya

I just got back from a nice little holiday at Diani beach, just south of Mombasa, Kenya. I went with three other volunteers from Watoto Wa Baraka, and we had a great time. Diani is known for it’s fancy resorts and German tourists. The only real budget option is a place called Stilts (across from the most popular bar in Diani Forty Thieves) which has 6 ‘treehouses‘ for you to stay in. They have a couple of different types of monkeys and bush babies that hang out in the trees and occasionally drop in. This one sat over the balcony area on the last day, watching me pack and probably hoping to eye some food. Our first day they stole all of our food, including my coveted jar of peanut butter. We couldn’t figure out how the little guy got the jar out of the treehouse until we went to bed that evening and discovered it on top of one of the mosquito nets. If you sleep out on the balcony, you’re bound to wake up to a monkey within a few feet of you or possibly on your bed. The Stilts was a great place to stay and the monkeys made it that much more enjoyable (just hide all of your food in your luggage if you plan to see it again)!

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