Montage Monday: Over the Edge in Petra

After being in Petra for about four hours, I made it up the 900 or so stairs to the Monastery. I snapped some photos and walked a bit further for an overlook of the Rift Valley. On our way back, we caught a glimpse of some local Bedouins and tourists on the top of the Monastery. There were stone steps to the left but higher up the mountainside which meant there was some rock climbing involved. After a short discussion my new travel buddy and I decided to give it a go. And I’m glad we did. At the top, I laid down and hung over the edge to take a picture. But the top was further out than the face of the Monastery so I couldn’t see anything but the ground. Inching my way forward, I leaned over a little further and snapped this photo, just as two people were approaching the Monastery.  This is one moment from Petra that I definitely won’t forget!

Petra Jordan

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