Montage Monday: Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican

St. Peter's Square full of people listening to the Pope (and I'm sitting where the red dot is!)

This week’s Montage Monday is not just one photo. It’s a series of photos from the Vatican where, by happenstance, I heard the pope speak!

The Scoop:
My mother and I were taking a second stab at trying to see the Vatican on our last day in Italy. We went through the museum and the Sistine Chapel and headed to our last stop of the day at St. Peter’s Basilica. Unfortunately, St. Peter’s Square was entirely blocked off. Confused as to why the crowds were so heavy, we asked around. It turns out that the Pope would be speaking for a Catholic youth conference that evening, and no one would be allowed in St. Peter’s for the remainder of the day while they set up on the square. We were pretty bummed, but after hearing the Pope would be speaking we thought that might be a pretty neat replacement. All of the youth groups blocking the street around the square had tickets in hand, but my mom and I decided to wait around and see what happened. After an hour or so, security opened to let people onto the square. We were never asked for tickets (though security thought my mother had a knife in her purse which I thought was funny), and we were one of the first in so we got some of the closest public seating right on an aisle.

I think we waited another two hours or so after getting our seats, but eventually the pope paraded through in his little car and with the enormous number of crowds and cheers, it was a magical moment. I’m not even Catholic, but I found it to be a very moving experience to be in the presence of the Pope. Of course, he spoke in Italian the entire time, so I didn’t understand a word, but it was a neat travel experience. When in Rome!

Seats fill up on St. Peter's Square
About to begin!
Pope is on stage in front of St. Peter's Basilica
Another view of the crowds- it was a full house!
Pope on stage
A closer view of the Pope from where I'm sitting
Pope Benedict XVI- looks like a sweet man
Nuns in the subway chatting excitedly in their new hats from the event

6 thoughts on “Montage Monday: Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican

  • Nice montage, Laura! It’s amazing how many people are in that crowd. That’s cool that you were able to sneak in for free (I won’t tell anyone). Italy must be a blast!

  • Some amazing shots here! Love the first shot with the sea of people outside the Vatican. I have been there once, but the Pope wasn’t there. What an incredible experience!

  • Looks like you had really good seats. I also once lucked into seeing the Pope. It turned out a beatification was going on while we were there. It was a very cool experience, even though, as you said, I couldn’t really understand anything.

  • I’m not Catholic either, but what an event to happen upon! One of those things that you really couldn’t have planned better. I bet the atmosphere was something special.

  • wow you get to see the pope. That’s pretty cool. I didn’t get to see him, I think there was a tour I saw that you can see him talking but we skip that. We had a lot fun in the Vetican musuem.

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