Montage Monday: Post-Election Violence (Kenya)

On my 24 hour bus ride from Kenya to Rwanda, we had the initial pleasure of driving through the Rift Valley, one of the most scenic areas in Kenya and a place I would love to explore further some day. I was sitting next to a photojournalist from a Nairobi newspaper when we drove through the town of Molo. I wasn’t expecting to come across any tents, yet there they were in open fields. And then I saw buildings that were half burned and missing roofs. “Those people are victims of the post-election violence,” he told me. I was confused, because that was back in 2008, more than two years earlier. And people are still living in tents? But, it’s true. Elected President Kibaki was accused of ‘electoral manipulation,’ and it turned from peaceful protests into a tribal divide.  I assume that many of the people living in these tents were innocent victims. Yet, two and a half years later, they were still living in tents.

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