Montage Monday: Pringles Flavors Abound in SE Asia

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia one evening, the rats decided to make an appearance on our walk home from dinner. At one point, Lauren and I were hugging each other in the middle of the street, screaming like school girls as the pesky rats darted around in search of food scraps. We ducked into a grocery store for cover and started rattling off to the store clerk about the “giant rats” and how they were “everywhere” and on and on. At first he gave us this puzzled look- we were talking way too fast for him to grasp what we had said, but he knew it was something serious since we were so alarmed. As it turns out, he didn’t know the English word for rat but it didn’t take long for us to convey the traumatic scenario of the evening. We came to our senses, the guys in the store got a good laugh out of us, and then we decided to take a gander around and grab some snacks for our transit the next day. So the rat story has absolutely nothing to do with this photo except that, my friends, is how we stumbled upon these delectable Pringles flavors. If Blueberries & Hazelnut, Soft-shell Crab, or Lemon & Sesame don’t strike your fancy, what will?

Have you seen any crazy Pringles flavors while traveling?

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