Montage Monday: Rejuvenated in Ubud (Bali)

Jalan Kajeng is a street in the beautiful town of Ubud that is equivalent to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Well, sort of. You can purchase a square as a way to help pave the street. In return, you can carve into it whatever you want. Many paved squares are purchased by guesthouses or restaurants to use as advertisement. But then others have clever messages, quotes, or words of love for Ubud. This one, in particular, struck me. First, because I think Ubud could heal many a broken heart (and no, please don’t bring up Eat, Pray, Love, because frankly, I’m tired of reading about it). Ubud is full of culture, great food, friendly people, and beautiful scenery. This square also reminded me just how many people travel as a means of healing. Now you may think I’m going to spill some dramatic, intriguing story about how a broken heart spurred my most recent trip, but it didn’t really. However, I think travel is not just about healing a broken heart, but also about healing the mind. Shannon Kirsty, whoever you are, I’m so happy for you.

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