Montage Monday: Sunset on the Bosphorus River

As we left the Asian side of Istanbul to ferry back to the Old City, we caught sight of a cargo ship passing under this intensely orange sunset on the Bosphorus River. It was absolutely beautiful. While Stella and I only had three nights in this amazing city, it was still baffling to us just how many sights we got to see and the things we experienced in such a short amount of time. Geographically speaking, Istanbul is where east meets west, where Asia and Europe converge on this river, and where cultures intermingle and sprout a beautiful and exotic city and people. As the sun crept down below the horizon, our ferry pulled into the Old City just in time to see a backlit mosque, and shortly after, we listened to the call to prayer.

Istanbul is a city I definitely would love to revisit one day. I hope to uncover more of its beauty and meet more people from this warm and friendly city.

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