Montage Monday: The Most Amazing Sunset I’ve Ever Seen

Dramatic sunset at Hermosa Beach

Maybe this should have been titled, ‘The Most Amazing Sunset I’ve Ever Seen (Surprise! It’s not in Africa)” because I always brag about the sunsets in Africa. But while staying in Los Angeles, Stella and I asked my friend’s mom, our host, where to go for dinner. One of her recommendations was in Hermosa Beach, so that we could watch the sunset and overlook the water. We get unbelievably lucky with a magnificent sunset. Earlier in the day it had rained, and the clouds still lingered in the late afternoon. We walked out to the pier when we arrived, and slowly the colors started to appear. Check out these photos from Hermosa Beach and see just how stunning and dramatic the sunset was for us. Even our host confirmed that it’s one of the best sunsets she has seen while living in L.A.

Stella sticking her toes in the water- too cold for me!
Sunset on the pier

Under the Hermosa Pier

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