Montage Monday: Visiting Angkor Wat, Cambodia

One of my favorite places that I visited on my trip was the temples at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It truly is a big kid’s playground. There are so many beautiful temples that you can wander through, climb on, and explore. I was obsessed with all of the detailed carvings on the temples, this photo being just one of the many pictures I took of them. You may recall that I never wrote a post about visiting Angkor Wat back in August. And the truth is, I just couldn’t. I felt that my amateur writing abilities and reliance on urban dictionary just wouldn’t do it justice. I will be posting my photos of Angkor Wat soon; however not all experiences are meant to be shared with the world, and I think I’m going to keep my thoughts on this amazing day to myself :)

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