My Seven Super Shots

I was excited when Katrina contacted me to participate in HostelBookers’ 7 Super Shots. I’m pretty sure someone else contacted me about it months ago and I turned it down because I just didn’t have time.  Since I just wrapped up blogging about my road trip, I thought this would be a fun post to do. I didn’t realize just how long I was spend trolling through old photos and trying to determine which one to choose for each topic. So many stories brought back to my mind, and I realized just how many stories I never blogged about! But, hopefully you enjoy the seven photos I chose to share.

1. A photo that takes my breath away

Just days before I ran the Dead Sea Marathon, I was in complete awe as I roamed the beautiful architectural creations in Petra. I climbed up to the top of the Monastery (I really like to climb things) and took in the breathtaking view from above.  But I decided I wanted to look over the edge, so I laid on my stomach and hung over the edge to look down on the front side of the Monastery. The people below looked so small, and I thought it was a rare and beautiful moment.

2. A photo that makes me smile

When I worked in South Africa last summer, we would have to drive about 30 minutes to get to the grocery store to buy food for our students. My coworker and I were driving through a neighboring village, taking an alternate route to the store one day, when we spotted this little boy on the side of the road. We immediately stopped and threw the car in reverse because I needed a picture of this little South African superhero. His creativity of making toys from trash put a huge smile on my face.

3. A photo that makes me dream

I spent a week in 2008 lazing on a beautiful beach on the island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania. We took a day trip to snorkel near a neighboring island and passed small dhows along the way. The water is crystal clear and that beautiful azure color. I dream of being on a beach every day because of moments like these.

4. A photo that makes me think

I really had no expectations for my trip to Rwanda in 2010. I knew little about the Rwandan genocide except for what I had read leading up to my trip. I had no idea that it affected nearly every single person in the country at the time  or how profound the notion of reconciliation can be. Although it is difficult to see in this photo, the second bunch of flowers from the front has a piece of duct tape on it that says ‘Never again.’ I snapped this shot at the Kigali Memorial Centre in the capital city.  During my time in Rwanda I heard about victims who had lost their entire family still living next to the person who killed their family. It’s not uncommon. I had an amazing driver who shared his experience of the genocide with me as well as countless others who still live with the horrible memories. I will never forget those people who shared their stories with me.

5. A photo that makes my mouth water

I’m not big on food photography but the food of southeast Asia is some of the best I’ve had (not to mention cheap too!). This dish was one I had in Dalat, Vietnam at a local restaurant recommended to us by our hotel.

6. A photo that tells a story

By far one of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve had in Africa was my brief visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo. I jumped the border over to Gomo so I could climb Nyiragongo Volcano (now closed due to the outbreak of violence again in Eastern Congo). I had heard that every other car in Goma is a U.N. vehicle, but  couldn’t really grasp it until I saw it for myself. We passed three U.N. camps in our short drive to the volcano and I saw so many soldiers in town. I snapped this photo on our drive back to the border as a U.N. truck crossed our path. It gives way to the fragile stability of Goma at the time.

7. A photo that I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)

Calvin Borel, a Kentucky Derby winner, is one of those athletes that just puts a smile on my face. I have seen him race several times at Churchill Downs and was fortunate to get close up after one of his wins to snap this shot. He’s personable and always seems to be happy. I also love watching him race because he tends to start in the back of the pack. His nickname is Bo-rail because he rides the rail. Love him and love this shot!

So, there you have it- my 7 Super Shots. If you haven’t participated in this already, you should. I enjoyed looking through old photos for these seven :) Hope you enjoyed!

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