Montage Monday: Photo Essay of Venice Architecture

Perhaps my favorite photo from Venice

In 2010, when I embarked on my trip around the world, my first stop was Venice. It would be an understatement for me to say that I was ill prepared for the weather and that I was freezing! (Oh, and my hostel had a busted window so it wasn’t very cozy.) However, I was so overwhelmed by how beautiful the city really was and thrilled that it was my first stop. If you find any late holiday deals, I highly recommend visiting this old and enchanting city. Venice really resonated with me, with its quaint little canals and so much detail in its buildings. The stucco that has crumbled away to expose old brickwork, the peeling paint, and the arched windows, along with beautiful colors and textures, were just some of the details that I admired. Here are some of my favorite photos from my time in Venice.

During my visit, I also went to Burano, which was so colorful and a beautiful place to wander and take a day trip. Have you been to Venice or Burano?

9 thoughts on “Montage Monday: Photo Essay of Venice Architecture

  • yes, I have visited both Venice and Burano and thoroughly enjoyed it. I see you went in the ‘off’ season – smart. We were there in September and it was excruiatingly hot for walking about the city and horribly crowded in the main tourist areas of the Rialto and Piazza San Marco. Getting out into the Gheto and Sant’Elena we found quiet backwaters for strolling. A fascinating city.

    • Hi Lynne,
      Yes I did go in the off season, which is great in terms of crowds, but the weather was not ideal. However, it was amazing to wander around Burano and feel like I was the only one there.

  • Venice is one of my favourite cities to visit. Travelling along the Grand Canal to the Rialto Bridge and then meandering through the streets, over the many side canals back to Piazza San Marco to enjoy a coffee (an a slice of pizza).

    • I don’t drink coffee, but I definitely had pizza while in Venice! We took the water taxi on the Grand Canal and I loved getting to see so many beautiful buildings on the water.

  • Yes, only for two or three nights but it was neat. It’s such a unique and different place. We stayed in a lovely apartment hotel in the thick of it. Initially it was a bit overwhelming: really hot day, lugging bags up and over those bridges, through masses of cruise ship crowds. The architecture was the most fascinating aspect – the styles, colours and wonky lines!

    • It sounds like we had opposite problems- I was lugging all my stuff but it was freezing cold! Since I went in off season, there weren’t any cruise ship crowds. I can’t imagine Venice in high tourist season!

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