Photo Essay of Kollerup: A Village in Northern Germany

When Stella and I left Neubrandenburg to head to Flensburg, I was so excited. I had traveled for nearly eight months, and while planning and organizing things yourself is exciting, it’s fantastic to leave it up to a local. Stella had prodded me to tell her what I would like to do, but I was quick to throw the ball back in her court. I wanted to see her hometown of Kollerup, but left the rest up to her. Two trains and five hours later, we arrived at a little train station near her village. Her mom picked us up and we made it to her home shortly thereafter. The next morning we set out to do a walking tour of her village. With a population of just 68 people, she gave me a run-down of who’s who and told me stories of growing up in the area. She also had a book that gave the history of the village and showed me old pictures of Nazi generals in front of the house she currently resides in. With a background in architecture and design, I also happen to love touring old homes and neighborhoods. The walk around the little village of Kollerup was such a memorable experience with gorgeous old homes, scenic views, and green pastures.

Where I stayed
The allure of old homes is in the details

Photo from the book of the house in the photos above

The post box in the village :)

Blue skies and green pastures- I felt right at home
Fancy a boat ride in the pond?
You can buy honey from someone in the village

My 'guide' ponders our route

Have you been to northern Germany?

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