Ahh, is that Lady Gaga on Koh Tao?!

Based on the title, I assume you’re looking to see a photo of Lady Gaga, right? Well, you will. Just a Thai version of her :) Our first night walking around Hat Sai Ree, a lady boy (transvestite in Southeast Asia) was handing out sheets of paper advertising The Queen’s Cabaret. I’m not gonna lie, I love cabaret shows! The following evening we had plans to go, but Lauren was feeling tired. To be honest, I was a little intimidated to go it alone, but was pleasantly surprised to see other solo travelers there and was happy that I decided to go. The show is free! The only requirement is that you buy a drink, and while they’re not cheap, I thought it was definitely worth paying $3-6 for a drink and an evening of fantastic entertainment (and a tip here and there).

Some guys couldn't handle it & left shortly after it started

As we sat in a cozy semi-circle around the stage, I was already amused. There were guys sitting in the front row, cackling like they were so cool, yet moving uneasily in their chairs, unsure of what’s in store for them. If they only knew.

Dude, you let her convince you to undress? Sounds like Trouble.

The lights dimmed, and the stars performed. There was Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, and so many other divas. There was the one ladyboy that does a crass performance every evening, leaving male audience members feeling awkward (and a bit ashamed after getting punked into kissing her). There was Annie who’s the best dancer on Koh Tao. There was Bambam who’s outgoing and Barbie, the pretty, tall girl. There was Big Mama who was the head diva. And so many others.

Of course, I felt bad that Lauren didn’t make it and subsequently felt obligated to take her the following night. And because the second show was so great, we just had to go a third time. Yes, The Queen’s Cabaret is definitely a highlight of a Koh Tao visit. Tack it on to your itinerary if you go! (I also have lots of great video footage that I hope to edit soon and share it as well.)

I heart Lady Gaga
The Queen's Cabaret on Koh Tao

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