Off-Road Adventure in Egypt’s Western Desert

Stepping foot in the Western Desert

We left Siwa oasis and took a ten-hour drive in the desert to another oasis called Bahariya. I did not expect to drive ten hours in the desert and never pass even a single vehicle, but we did just that! It was very Indiana Jones feeling, and at the same time kind of eery to think that if something happened, we might never be found. Okay okay, so sometimes my imagination gets the better of me, but it was an exciting and action packed ride that was better than any theme park re-creation of it. 

We stopped shortly into our drive to let some of the air out in our tires. Apparently that’s what you do when you off-road through the desert.

Lauren showing off her ruggedness while our guide takes a rest in the shade.


Travel friends smile in the desert
Following the other vehicle in our group on the road portion of our trip.

And no desert adventure would be complete without getting stuck…

Stuck in the sand
Lauren muscles up with the boys while I document
And we’re off again!

We stopped for lunch in one of the most beautiful spots…

Shady lunch spot

Beautiful contrasts

Lauren made a musical connection with the driver…

Lauren makes a new friend.

And this is what your hair looks like after driving ten hours through the desert…

Welcome to the life of adventure!

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