Memories of My First Safari: Masai Mara & Lake Nakuru (Part 3)

Get caught up to speed and read Part 1 of this post about Masai Mara, and Part 2 of this post about a Masai village. Up now: Lake Nakuru!

After we climbed back in the vehicle and pulled away from the Masai Village, we were off to Lake Nakuru, another fantastic national park. Our driver told us that the Rift Valley received heavy rains and that we may need to take the long way to get there. However, since we detoured to the Masai village we wouldn’t have much time. So, our driver threw caution to the wind (which I loved!) and we decided to forge through the Rift Valley. And by ‘forge’, apparently I meant ‘get stuck’. The ‘roads’ were extremely muddy. Since so many people are unemployed in this region, they eagerly stood by the road waiting for foolish people like us to get stuck. They helped us out of the mud for a small fee. We probably had 20 men pushing us out of the mud, and our driver, who was very clean cut, was out there in the rain and muck as well.

It was a wild ride and was at least entertaining. It was also when I realized how stunning the landscape is in the Rift Valley. Kenya is full of nice landscapes but the Rift Valley is lush, green, rolling hills. Gorgeous.

We had camped the previous two nights outside of Masai Mara, but tonight we were staying in a hotel. Though it was basic, it felt like luxury! We got a hot shower and a warm room. We set off early the next morning to head into the park. Lake Nakuru is probably best known for its bird species, especially flamingos. But, it also has lots of monkeys, giraffes, and rhinos. Without too much talk, enjoy some photos from the end of my amazing safari in Kenya! (And if you need a photo re-cap of the entire safari, go here.)

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