Setting off to South Africa

An explorer at heart (photo taken in Namibia)

It’s just after midnight. I’m hopping into a taxi in less than five hours and am heading to South Africa. By the time I reach my first destination, I will have taken a taxi, a car, a private shuttle, and two flights to South Africa. It will take me about 25 hours. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. But mostly excited! I have a great group of very bright and talented students that will meet me there in a week who have an entrepreneurial spirit and are eager to dive right in. This region of South Africa is new to me so it will be quite a cultural learning curve. Most of these students have never even stepped foot in Africa so I believe I have my work cut out for me. I’m hoping they simply fall in love with the continent as much I have.

While my mind takes a rest from modern amenities, so too will my fingers. I might be typing away on my computer for work reports and the occasional saved email, but I will have extremely limited access to Internet. While I do have a dongle (a USB stick you can use with a SIM card for Internet access) that I figured out how to unlock last time I was in Africa, I’m not sure that I will get it to work this time. And frankly, I’m looking forward to a blogging and technology break. There is a possibility that I can schedule a few posts to go up here and there- I’d really love to wrap up my posts on Barcelona and also give some updates from the field. Hopefully I can make that happen; and, I will have Internet off and on for the first week. With that said, even if I don’t post for the majority of the time I’m in South Africa, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, and I will revive this blog upon my return!

Speaking of return, I get back in mid-August, and turn around two days later to embark on a 7-week road trip across the United States with a friend from Germany. I do hope to get the rough intinerary posted on my blog before I get back because I will need your help! I’m looking for suggestions on hidden gems along the way, wacky monuments, hole-in-the-wall food stops, and even a couch to crash on! So, keep your eyes peeled for that one.

I appreciate everyone’s love, support, and friendship in the travel and blogging community. I have met so many unbelievably talented people who continue to inspire and encourage me on a day-to-day basis. I wouldn’t have come across this job, in fact, if it weren’t for an indirect link sent to me by a fellow traveler. Life is funny sometimes that way.

I wish everyone a fantastic and exciting summer and hope to catch up with you all when I return!

Happy Travels~


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