Signs That You’re in Texas

After we left Austin, we took a nice drive to the Cowboy Capital of the World. I thought it would be fun to post the photos en route. We took these in just a 3-hour period. Yes, JUST three hours. Please forgive the quality- most are just snapshots from the car. Just imagine what else we saw, if this was only three hours of the trip? I present, Signs that you’re in Texas:

You can buy fried chicken at the gas station

You can find diners called "Big Daddy's"
You see lots of drivers in cowboy hats
Your grocery store serves up Texas style prices (aren't things always bigger in Texas? hmm)
You can see a war reenactment
Everything will be dressed as cowboys- including M&Ms
You don't see a mention of science & patriotism without religion included
Every other business includes the word ‘Cowboy’ ‘Texas’ or ‘Howdy’
You see a big, fake deer crushing a car.
You see LOTS of trucks on the road
And even more on the side of the road
You see a giant chair in front of a woodworker's shop
You see a truck bed with giant horns
The billboard ads are Wanted posters
The taxi in town is called a Cowboy Cab
And finally, everything really is bigger in Texas- including cowboy boots

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