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Okay, first you can smack me. I’ve been doing some work for the fundraising side of my website Sole Purpose and have yet to update you. I have already made a donation to a charity focusing on education. And I will be sure to go into a lengthy explanation in the near future! But for now, I have an urgent request. Sole Purpose has two main focuses: education and microlending. I have stumbled upon a really great opportunity to utilize my fundraiser for a micro-lending project and am scrambling fast to get the funds together! I will keep this short and to the point but it is a small business for 3 brothers in a rural village in Kenya. These boys are orphaned and the money earned from this business will be put into savings accounts to send the boys to secondary school and university (as well as assist them in paying for current living expenses). Here is why I am in a rush for the money: the boys are opening what is called a Video Show. It’s like a small movie theater in a rural area. It is one room with a tv and a dvd player and can hold anywhere from 20-100 people (depending on size). They typically charge 5 shillings per person (or about $0.05) and can show movies or what’s on tv. Most people do not have tv here in Kenya, yet they are huge soccer fans. If the boys can get the Video Show up and running before the World Cup, they will draw a huge crowd for it and they can charge 10 shillings per person for the games. I mapped out the start-up expenses, operating expenses, and expected revenues yesterday. I went into town to look at tvs today, while one of the boys went to check on a place to rent for the business. For the tv, dvd player, benches that need to be built, some dvds, antenna, business license, and first month’s rent and electricity, I expect it to be around $500. Obviously, this would be a lot for them to pay back, so I have proposed to donate half out of my travel fund and lend them half from Sole Purpose, which they would pay back on a payment schedule.

The boys wills sign a contract, as I have laid out some specific stipulations:

1. They are not allowed to work in the Video Show except to monitor it on the weekends (such as taking the money to the bank, buying or exchanging dvds). They need to focus on their studies, and they still have things at home to do- working in the field, cooking for themselves, etc.


2. More than half of the money must be put into savings accounts for education. I believe I’ve worked out exact percentages, but again, this plan was only hatched a few days ago, so I need to finalize them.

If you’ve read my Sole Purpose page, I’m appealing to you for a $5 donation. If you can’t give $5 at this time, give 5 minutes of your time and spread the word via email, Facebook, or Twitter. This project will help 3 very smart, hard-working boys get an education that they deserve. I feel it’s one of the most important, if not the most important project I will do on my trip. Once I have gotten the items and the final details together, I will write a more in-depth post telling you all the specifics and more about these wonderful teenagers. Thanks for your help!

Where to donate:

Please contact me if you have any questions at

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  • Hi Laura,
    Loved the Botswana writeup! I should probably share with you that I am a licensed therapist and specialize in EMDR to reprocess trauma. I am in the process of starting a nonprofit to network with other nonprofits to heal ptsd in children and adults arounf the world, we should chat sometime and see how we may want to work together in the future.

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