Sole Purpose: Questscope (Jordan)

Sole Purpose is the fundraising portion of my website geared towards education and microlending. I run, you donate, I find awesome projects, and together we raise awareness for the amazing work that people are doing to improve others’ livelihoods.

amman city view
Amman, Jordan

You may be wondering how I find these projects, and the truth is, it varies. Some projects I have personally been involved with, while others are through word of mouth. Or, better yet, someone tries to get me a job at one of them. That would be the case for Questscope. During my stay in Amman, there was an afternoon where my driver Jamil and I had nothing planned. Sensing his boredom, I agreed to let him take me to visit his friend at a radio station. En route he asked me if I considered working in Jordan, and I told him I didn’t think I had the right skillsets. The next thing you know he’s handing me his phone with a woman on the other end requesting my CV (resume) for Questscope. Although I had to break the news to her that I was leaving Jordan in two days, it turns out the organization sounded interesting.

I got back home (well a friend’s home) and turned to my handy-dandy friend Google. Questscope is a non-profit organization working in the Middle East and has some fantastic educational programs. The Non-Formal Education project is Questscope’s largest. It assists ‘dropouts from basic education who cannot return to school, due to the length of their absence or certain circumstances’. Not only does Questscope help them receive a general education equivalency diploma, but it also assists with vocational training and access to employment.

According to an employee I spoke with at Questscope, donations to this project will be used for books, computers, training for teachers, Questscope staff who work on the projects, and extracurricular activities. I would encourage you to visit their website to see all of Questscope‘s programs.

If you would like to donate to an education or microlending project, please visit my fundraising page.

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A special thanks to the following people whose donations made this possible:

Jessica & Joe

Sherry: A travel writer that inspired me to start this blog actually, Sherry is a phenomenal storyteller. Not to mention she takes amazing photographs.

2 thoughts on “Sole Purpose: Questscope (Jordan)

  • I am the president and founder of Questscope. What an amazing thing to get your feed!

    I regret that we could not meet in Jordan. Run by some other place where I am, and I will join you for a mile or two!


    • Curt,

      Sounds great! Let me know when and where and I will try to stop by :) Questscope is doing great things for the Middle East, and I look forward to keeping up with it!

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