My goal is to run five races along my trip around the world. I plan to run mostly marathons, which are a distance of 26.2 miles, but might change it up a bit. Although I have not settled on all of the races I would like to run on my trip, here are the races that I am considering:

Rome Marathon: Rome, Italy, March 21, 2010
Status: Completed
In 2009, the Rome Marathon was ranked as the world’s sixth fastest marathon. The course starts near the Colosseum and passes by the Basilica of St. Paul, the Trevi Fountain, the Vatican, the Piazza Navona and other magnificent monuments. A fair portion of the run is along cobblestone streets. Although this may slow you down, how could you not go slower to take in all of the picturesque sights?

Dead Sea Marathon, Amman, Jordan, April 09, 2010
Status: Completed
With the Dead Sea Marathon, you can run to the lowest land point on Earth. How cool is that? According to the race’s official website the Dead Sea Marathon “is the main fund raising event for the Society for the Care of Neurological Patients, which provides neurological patients with medical aid and covers the costs of necessary surgeries for the needy.” They also offer an Ultra Marathon, but I don’t think I’ll be running one of those anytime soon :)

International Peace Half-Marathon, Kigali, Rwanda, May 23, 2010
Status: Incomplete
My worst running experience to date. It started late and it was really hot, and due to ill organization, there was no water!! I didn’t finish. Without water, it just wasn’t feasible for me.

Kathmandu Marathon, Kathmandu, Nepal, October 2, 2010
Status: Prospect
I’ve had a change of plans and will no longer be in Nepal. See below

Bali 5K, Bali, Indonesia, October 17, 2010
Status: Registered
I’m postponing Nepal for another trip, and am off to Bali in October! I am fully recovered from my accident involving a motorbike and am excited to be participating in another run.

But where is the 5th race? Well, I’m still working on that!

5 thoughts on “Races

    • Thanks so much Michael! Training has been really tough lately since it’s the rainy season in Kenya but I’ll make it through :) I’m looking forward to my upcoming race in Rwanda in a few weeks!

  • If you’re still in Asia in November & looking for a race I really recommend doing the Lake Kawaguchi-ko marathon in Japan (near Mt. Fuji). I did my first full marathon (and hopefully last!) there last year. They also have a half marathon and a shorter one (maybe 5 K… can’t remember). The crowds are awesome & super supportive (and of course a bit wacky… it being Japan and all. One man did the full marathon dressed in a full body monkey suit). Japan is an expensive place to travel, but I totally loved racing there.

  • So impressed! I’m a runner myself and am motivated to keep a log of my own runs around the world. I’ll definitely be running a marathon or two overseas, no idea where yet, but thanks for some good ideas. Keep running, and I’m glad you’re recovered from that motorbike accident.

  • Your next race will be the Two Ocean’s Marathon in South Africa of course! It will be an experience to remember I can promise you, they don’t call it the world’s most beautiful race for nothing!

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