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Updated January 11,2011:

Just over a year ago, I raised $1100 for secondary education in Kenya. So, when I took off to travel, I thought I’d ride the wave, so to speak, and keep at it. I am amazed at the money and support everyone has given to Sole Purpose and most are from people I’ve never even met. Together, we put $1135 towards Sole Purpose projects for education and micro-lending this past year. That’s $2235 over the past 15 months, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m not a huge fan of asking people for money- I’d rather spread the word about projects and let people decide to donate in a no-pressure way. But, at one point on this trip, I did plead for donations and the response was great! Now that my trip and my fundraising have concluded (for now), I’m trying to decide my next move. I’m very grateful for everyone who supported my cause by stopping by to read about it. I’m not done fundraising, but am searching for a method with longevity. Until then, here’s an overview of all of the projects and the amazing people that made a financial contribution!!


amman city view
Amman, Jordan

Education Project: Questscope
Project Information
Amount: $35
Jessica & Joe
Sherry: A travel writer that inspired me to start this blog actually, Sherry is a phenomenal storyteller. Not to mention she takes amazing photographs.


Micro-lending Project: Video Show in Kenya
Project Information
Project Update
Amount: $195*
Joseph/MJL Renewables
Sharmila: Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you visit her food blog, be prepared to drool over some pretty amazing recipes and excellent food photography.
Derek: Derek (i.e. Earl) runs an entertaining travel blog and his wanderings have taken him to 67 countries.
Heather: Heather is on my list of “Favorite people I’ve never met in person but hope to soon” She is taking a career break to travel, work, and live in Australia.
Glen: Glen’s Travel Blog: Glen is on a 10 year trip (yes I’m jealous too!), photographing some of the most exquisite places around the world.
Diane: Although Diane personally donated, I wanted to spotlight the organization she works tirelessly for: Non-Profit Chiropractic Organization, which provides chiropractic care in poverty-stricken places around the world.
*I gave an additional $220 to complete the project which the boys are not required to pay back.




Education Project: Back to School Foundation
Project Information
Amount: $210
HotelsCombined: helps you search all the best travel sites at once and find the cheapest price.
Chad & Beth*
*These donations were made in my final month of travel but I decided to give them to this project.


Excited to check out their new books!

Education: Big Brother Mouse Books
Project Information
Amount: $40
Joseph/MJL Renewables


The kids playing our homemade Bingo game to learn shapes and colors

Education Project: Baan Dada
Project Information
Amount: $435
Jenn & Adam
Marcela & Juan
Chris: Chris can be found traveling & working his way around Europe and maybe downing a few beers along the way.
: A fellow Southerner, freelance writer, and seersucker enthusiast, Spencer just relocated to Costa Rica and will be sharing exciting tales about island life.
Sarah: Sarah recently completed a trip around the world & went to some places that are still yet to be crossed off on my travel list.
Andrew: Andrew runs a fantastic site full of teach, study, and volunteer abroad resources.
Mom & Dad


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