South Beach Architecture: Why I Loved Miami So Much

I was skeptical about Miami. My preconceived notions based on limited second-hand information were a far cry from reality. I expected all the signs to be in Spanish. I expected there to be little diversity. I expected an overcrowded beach. I didn’t expect so many topless women or so many wacky outfitted people. I didn’t expect the Art Deco architecture to be so well preserved. And, I didn’t expect to find such a fantastic Couchsurfing community. Essentially, I loved Miami!


We drove from Jekyll Island to Miami and waved to Hurricane Irene as we passed. We were worried about the weather but we only hit black clouds and rain for part of the way. As soon as we parked in front of our host’s apartment building, the skies cleared up and it was perfect weather for our entire stay. Here’s a few photos from the well-preserved Miami Beach. From Art Deco to Miami Modern, the architecture was fantastic.

Where I stayed in Miami

Yes, I loved South Beach :)

For more information on the architecture styles of Miami, check out the Miami Design Preservation League.

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