Southeast Asia Recap: Funny Signage and Dogs

Yesterday’s Southeast Asia recap focusing on food and transport shows two of the more typical blog topics when it comes to travel. Often, I find that I take pictures of signage and random things (like funny looking dogs) and forget to compile and post them. In reality, these little oddities and humorous mistranslations are one my favorite parts of travel. There’s nothing better than having fits of laughter at a train station while locals look at you and your friend as those crazy Americans.


The Signage:

Really, it’s free. How generous.

Heaven forbid you park in a ‘No Parking’ zone in Penang: You will get shot.

It’s illegal to enter Malaysia with “hippy” characteristics. So all you scrubby backpackers better clean up.

If you drink, you might find yourself making out with a fish. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Speeding causes accidents…. and a pool of blood.

My personal favorite, the ‘Toilet Awareness’ sign. And remember to Slow Down and Enjoy it!

Baby Rasta will Make Fix Your Dread’s, don’t you worry!

A gift I gave Lauren. (This one definitely caused those fits of laughter at the train station.)

Tuk-tuk sticker. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing: the nuts and bolts or the guy licking his lips.

One of the more common signs.

Southeast Asia catch phrases. I love them!

Craving Pringles? How about Blueberry & Hazelnut, Soft-shell Crab, or Lemon & Sesame.

Proper temple behavior. While I completely agree with it, I love the visual :)

And a bonus…. the whitening lotion!


The interbreeding of dogs in Southeast Asia is hysterical. There were so many squatty dogs with long-waisted bodies. With so many stray dogs, I was pleasantly surprised to see that people were generally nice to the dogs (which is not the case in Africa). In a town near the Burmese border, a woman in the market would bring a bag full of rice and feed the stray dogs everyday. It’s moments like those that renew my belief in humanity. Annnnyhow, on to the dogs.

This one I’m guessing is a wiener/chihuahua mix.

Puppies at a temple in Sukhothai. So sweet.

This scrappy fellow was a wild thing. But isn’t he cute?!

Hmmm… I’m gonna go with German shephard meets hound dog.

Another cute puppy in Laos.

I love funny signs, so please feel free to share your favorites! And, if you’d like to hire me for my dog identification services, just let me know; clearly, I’m an expert.

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