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If you’ve never been to southeast Asia, you may not realize just how cheap the cost of living is in the region. They have cheap accommodation, cheap food, and…. cheap massages!! Even though you can get a massage for as little as $5, Lauren and I resisted the temptation for the three months we traveled around SE Asia. Because massages are so inexpensive, we decided to wait until the end of our time there. Sounds a bit ironic, but the truth is, I felt like if I had one, I wouldn’t be able to resist having another and would write it off as, ‘Oh it’s cheap, who cares?!’

My friend living in Bangkok, who I met when she was living in Jordan, raved about a fantastic spa near her house in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok called Lavana on Soi 12. It was much fancier than the $5 massage places we had seen. They were running a special and for a one hour massage and a one hour facial we were going to have to drop almost $23 (gasp!). Okay, okay, jokes aside, how ridiculously cheap is that?! We were so excited. Plus, we were getting an oil massage, not a Thai massage (I’m afraid of getting a Thai massage). I went the previous day to set up appointments for three of us. “Can you please give me your names?” the receptionist asked. “Sure, it’s for Laura, Laura, and Lauren”. She smiled, but luckily didn’t asked the question I normally got in southeast Asia, “Are you sisters?”

Buddha welcomes us at the entry.

The following morning we arrived for our spa day. I was eager f0r a two-hour pampering followed by lunch with the ladies. The masseuses came into the lobby and kneeled at our feet. They removed our shoes and placed our feet in slippers. After washing our feet, we were escorted upstairs to our room. The spa had so many rooms- it was huge! We each took a quick shower and then our masseuses came back into the room.

Although I requested my massage to be on the  less rough end of the spectrum, I finally had to tell my masseuse to ease up when she was grinding her elbow into my shoulder. Honestly, my massage was quite uncomfortable… I took a bit of a beating and was looking forward to it being over. When we got to the facial I finally relaxed. This was also my first group massage. In a foreign country, it adds a bit to the uneasiness. Three women are speaking bits of Thai to each other during the massage, and you can’t help but wonder what they’re discussing. When they laugh though, you know it’s probably not good ;)

That said, I would definitely return to this spa. It was a beautiful atmosphere and the masseuses took great care in each step of the process… I would just make sure next time on the 1-10 rough scale to request 1!

Have you had a nice massage or spa treatment in southeast Asia? Where at?

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  • When I was in Bangkok, I went to a spa called Health Land – they have a few throughout the city. I got a 2 hour Thai massage for $15 and it was worth every penny! I waited until my last day there, too, so I’d be relaxed for the plane ride :)

  • Wow! I had been wondering what luxuries were like in SE Asia but I had no idea they were as cheap as $5! This is good considering I have a sensitive back and hostel beds aren’t exactly clouds.

  • I must say that this is unlike many of the spa treatments we have had in Thailand! That spa looks and sounds amazing! We have only got a 40 Baht massage on the side of the road. And yes we feel into the massage spell and almost got a massage every second day because they were soooo cheap. It is good that you could resist and not get one for your entire stay there and opt for a really nice place! This post makes me think Elise my better half is in need for some pampering. I will use any excuse to get a massage myself…ha ha ha ;)

  • I’m working my way down to SE Asia in August and this spa looks wonderful. How was the facial? And whats the difference between a Thai massage and an oil massage? Glad you had a great time!

    • The facial was excellent! From my understanding, a Thai massage involves stretching. In addition to massage techniques (minus the oil) they will move your body around in a series of yoga-like positions. If I’m getting a massage I just want to relax! I’ll stick to oil massages :)

  • i had LOTS (read as a few each week!) of massages on both of my trips to SEA. ha ha. couldn’t resist! at that time you could still get a 1.5 hr massage for $1.50 on the beach- yep! couldn’t write it off ;) having said that, i spent a great deal of time explaining that i’m a baby and couldn’t take a real thai massage! explaining often involved showing them my thumb print bruises from recent massages- ha ha! this place looks absolutely incredible though! and when translated into cost for service at home- an incredible deal. agree that maybe ranking pressure level at 1 is a great idea! was the facial different than what you were used to?

  • Am here in Thailand right now and am loving the $5 massages and pedicures! Have to say, I love Thai massages – being stretched and cracked is great!

  • I LOVE massages, I have definitely fallen into the category, they are so cheap I can have them all the time! But I always have a good reason… like ooohhh my back is aching, oh I need to destress etc etc!!!

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