The Salt Lick

Salt Lick Barbeque

After a cool dip in Austin’s Barton Springs on Labor Day, Tracy, Stella, and I headed out of town to hit up The Salt Lick, a huge barbeque joint. Stella needed to get some barbeque in the States, and what better place to do so than Texas? I was also excited about just how big this place was and how Texan it truly felt. The restaurant is cash only and has a BYOB policy.

During our 30-minute wait, Stella scoped out the Texan people (photo above is compliments of her), and I people watched nearby. The menu is quite simple, and Stella and I wisely decided to share something. We had ribs, beef brisket, and sausage with potato salad, cole slaw, and beans. The three of us split cobbler, and when we left, we really needed someone to wheel us out of there!

Stella shows us how to enjoy ribs!

One of the waiters kindly offered to take our picture by the pit, and when I got up close, I realized just how much meat they must go through. While I’m partial to South Carolina’s mustard barbeque, there are no complaints here about our visit to The Salt Lick. Yum! What’s the best barbeque you’ve ever eaten?

Now that's what I call meat!
Table Decoration
Prepping to serve lots of customers

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