The Scenic Pacific Coast Highway

I first drove the Pacific Coast Highway back in 2007, after a camping trip in Redwoods National Park (which, by the way, is an amazing place to hike). Stella and I took this highway down to LA, and Emily and I subsequently took it to get back to San Francisco. Originally, I referred to this drive as Highway 1, but Ava so politely informed me that it’s a tourist thing, so here’s my attempt to sound a little more local and ‘in the know’.

If you’ve never gotten to drive a part of this scenic highway, you are missing out. It is absolutely beautiful! There are plenty of turnoffs so that you can get out of your car, take photos, and enjoy the scenery. There is also the famous Monterrey Bay Aquarium and Hearst Castle along the way. Here’s a little taste of our drive up to San Francisco:

Emily catching a nice shot of the view
So beautiful
Our 'normal' picture
And then there was Alan...
And it's hard to take a picture with him & keep a straight face...
One of the bridges on the Highway. Oh, and Emily.
Alan gets a craving for Pirate's Booty (I'm sorry but this is what happens when you travel with a bobblehead).


And why we were late for dinner with our friend's family. 3 accidents on this route.

Have you driven California’s Highway 1… err, I mean Pacific Coast Highway?

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