Tribal Sightings at Market Day in Rumuruti

Samburu woman in Rumuruti

Market day comes every Thursday in Rumuruti. It is a big deal. People come from near and far to buy food and home stuffs,  as well as livestock. It can be a social outing where you run into friends as well. When we went, there was a Kikuyu band playing in the street, and the town was quite lively.

After walking 5km to the closest town, we caught a matatu to Rumuruti. Our first stop was to the goat and cattle market. It is chaotic! The cattle is crowded into these tiny pens, while a few men are in charge of beating them with a stick to ensure that animals from the same owner stay together. It seemed completely stupid and pointless, as they should just subdivide the pens to avoid having to beat these animals across the face and haunches. However, Onesmus loves, I mean seriously loves, cows. So he was on cloud nine pointing out all of the big cows we saw and the big horns they had. :)

Onesmus loves the cows!

After the cattle market, we wandered back through town, grabbed lunch, bought some beading supplies so I could make a Turkana bangle, and bought veggies and meat for dinner. We enjoyed seeing people from so many different tribes and the vibrant and colorful outfits were a highlight for me.


Pokot man at the cattle market
Samburu men at the goat and sheep market
Don’t have a purse? No problem- fashion one out of a Pampers bag :)


Samburu woman
Old-school Land Rover. I want!
Samburu man. Love the faux flowers on the headdress!


Old-school Land Rover. I want!
Miraa- a chewable plant this is illegal in the US but chewed by plenty of men in Kenya as a stimulant to stay awake or to suppress appetite.

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