Walking Tour of Algiers Point

Since this was my third visit to New Orleans, I had seen many of the major sights. Stella and I decided to venture out and take a ferry across the Mississippi River to Algiers Point. As New Orleans’ second oldest neighborhood, it is a quiet, historic district that, while just a stone’s throw away from the French Quarter, feels worlds apart. There were hardly any tourists in the area. We had no plans except to wander and were lucky enough to be greeted by a nice old gentleman who gave us an informational brochure from his truck. Armed with a map and some insider information, we took a blazing hot stroll through Algiers Point. The best reason to visit this neighborhood is for the architecture; Greek Revival, Italianate, and Victorian are the dominant styles here.

The courthouse on Algiers Point was rebuilt in 1896 after a fire. The area’s brochure essentially had a fun fact for every place on it. This courthouse happens to be the third longest running courthouse in the state. When we walked by there were trailers and old cars parked across the street. We asked a security guard about it, and it turns out that a movie was being filmed in the courthouse. He told us it was ‘some erotic thriller called The Paperboy’. It sounded like cheap porno so we just kept walking. Upon further research (ie Google) the movie has Nicole Kidman, John Cusack, Zac Efron, and Matthew McConaughey in it… we should have stuck around!

405-407 Delaronde Street with a giant oak tree in the yard. It is a large two-story Greek Revival.

The Pelican Gulf Gas Station (c. 1929) was the longest continuously operating service station in the South until it closed in 1990.

The man who gave us the brochure, recommended we stop in at this hand-blown glass gallery. It was well worth it, as there were many beautiful things inside.

The Canal Street ferry runs every 30 minutes to/from Algiers Point and is free for pedestrians. An afternoon stroll through Algiers Point to take in the fine architectural details of the neighborhood makes a nice addition to any New Orleans itinerary.

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