Washington DC with Heather

My first day in Washington DC, before my training started for my job in South Africa, I was VERY fortunate to meet up with one of my favorite travel bloggers Heather who writes over at There’s No Place Like Oz. We both started blogging around the same time, as she moved to Australia for a year just as I was in the beginning of my around the world trip. We were eagerly anticipating a meetup once we were both back in the States, and it just so happened that I had to head her way for a few days of training.

We started the day at a Sticky Fingers Bakery (and you should check out Heather’s post to see one of the cupcakes we tried). Then, we made multiple stops around DC, determined to find a Sauca food truck. Unfortunately we never found one, so we settled for another food truck and it turned out to be fabulous. The one thing I insisted we do was take a jumping photo, because *gasp* Heather has never done one! I think it turned out pretty great with the Washington Monument in the background :)

We went to the WWII Memorial which has a pillar with every state engraved on it. The reflecting pool was just a dirt hole in the ground sadly, but we did go see old Abe Lincoln. It was a fabulous day in DC!

Lots of tourists coming to see Abe Lincoln
Abe Lincoln!
Gotta get a picture with the park ranger :)
WW II Memorial

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