Welcome to Texas!

Everything really is bigger in Texas- just one of the many takeaways from our time spent in this distinctive state. Every time Stella and I entered a new state, we stopped to take photos with the Welcome sign. Texas was by far the best state to do so. Not only did we take our picture with the Welcome sign, but we also took one with this steel Texas-shaped cut-out and a gigantic Texas star.  I should also mention that although Stella loves the American flag, this is not our everyday garb- we dressed up in themes for each state photo that we did. I went for a fringe heart shirt this time and she went for American pride- very Texan, yes?

Alan & Abe (& Carlos) got a Don’t mess with Texas sticker at the Welcome Center. For free. Oh yes, the Texas Welcome Center gets props in my book (although they didn’t have the fake mustaches or fake teeth like we picked up at the Alabama Welcome Center).

Our first stop in Texas was San Antonio. We only stayed one night, so we wanted to make the most of it! Luckily, we came during First Friday and our host took us out to a German beer garden. It was packed! We got drinks and then headed outside for some German food that the bar makes. The photo above just shows the outdoor sitting area…. there was also a stage and dance area to the right. The crowd was fantastic and it really felt like I was at a big summer Texan gathering. We ran into other Couchsurfers and it was fun to mingle while Stella got her dance on.

The following morning we went downtown to see the Alamo. I’m not sure what to say about it, except that honestly, I wasn’t all that impressed. The display of information was lacking and the presentation of it was in bits and pieces. Stella and I offended several Texans along the way with our ‘Meh’ attitude on the Alamo- some of them just thought the Alamo was the greatest place on Earth, but each to their own! The best part about our trip to the Alamo, however, was the people.

September was Tejano Heritage Month, and we just so happened to be visiting the Alamo on the same day as the Tejano Breakfast Kickoff. The Texas Tejano group aims to educate and remind people about the Tejanos (Texan Hispanics) that contributed to the founding of Texas, fought at the Alamo, and “created the first roads, towns, ranches and laws”. It was fun meeting this group and chatting with the re-enactors.

Essentially, that sums up our visit to San Antonio. We also had plans to visit the Toilet Seat Museum, but we ran out of time. Even though I wasn’t a huge fan of the Alamo, the city of San Antonio (including its lovely river walk) is a place I’d go back to again.

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