Wet Trekking in Wadi Mujib, Jordan

Looking back towards the Dead Sea.

Wadi Mujib is a gorge on the eastern side of the Dead Sea. I think it’s a bit of a hidden gem, since the only way here is by taxi or private car. While I had planned to hop over to Israel for a few days while I was in Jordan, I met some people, changed my plans, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to get to Wadi Mujib. I had read about it in my guide book but just thought there was no way I would get to go.

When we showed up, we paid the entrance fee and were handed life jackets. Appartently the park has no small life jackets, so we had to make the most of the oversized jackets. As we started our trek into the gorge, the water was only ankle deep. It was essentially a leisurely stroll. The striated rock walls were gorgeous! But we soon found ourselves in deeper waters, climbing over rocks, and feeling a bit like Indiana Jones. Since I didn’t have a waterproof bag, I had to leave my camera back in the car. However, I ran a Google image search here for your convenience.

"Swimming" at the entrance of the gorge

We reached our first major road block about 20 minutes in. A ginormous rock to climb up, and unfortunately, the metal bars attached to the rock to be used as a ladder were broken. My friend and I tried to claw our way up but the first foothold was just too high up for us. Luckily, some guys were coming down the gorge, so one pulled us up while my friend’s dad gave us a boost from below. The four of us continued on, climbing and splashing our way to the waterfalls at the end of the gorge. When we finally reached the last set of falls, it was beautiful. There was a large group of Lebanese guys there, who snatched us up and took us under the falls. We had a blast!

Luckily, we decided to go back at the same time they did. This group had two guides that looked like bouncers. Big burly guys! I’m not sure how we would have made it down without them. We had to slide down huge rocks to get back, and the guides helped us even though we weren’t part of their group. One would spot from the bottom, and catch you when you plunged under water. The Lebanese guys were a riot, and convinced me that I need to visit their country.

Overall, it was a fantastic time! I was in the water and climbing and trekking: Wadi Mujib is definitely my element.

Note: You must wear shoes as it is really rocky. I wore Chacos which was the perfect choice. You also need to remember that the water level varies throughout the year which will affect how difficult your trek is. If you get the chance to visit Jordan, I highly recommend you put this on your itinerary!

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