Walking the Malecon in Havana at night after dinner

Arriving in Havana

I flew to Cuba on a short, two-hour flight from Mexico City, with Interjet. (I’ll be posting about logistics of Cuba- how to get there, is it legal, what about the money- all of that fun stuff following my posts on traveling in Cuba, but long story short, since it is a Mexican airline, I could purchase […]

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Havana Cars, Cuba Flag

Rounding Out 2015 in Cuba

High off of nearly a month out of the office and exploring new and exciting (and warm!) lands, I’m so excited to share with you about my most recent travels. In December, I spent nearly two weeks in Cuba, followed by a few short days in Mexico City. From there, I headed back to South Carolina to […]

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Finding Thicker Skin

It started out just like any other work day. Responding to emails, seeing clients, filling out paperwork, and of course answering the phone that never stops ringing. Shortly before lunch the phone rang again, and I answered, expecting it to be a client. But it wasn’t. “Hello. I’m a counselor at [a local resettlement agency], and I’m here […]

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Happy Thanksgiving! I took a minute last night to ponder what I was thankful for this year. It’s hard to narrow it down, because I’m thankful for my time I spent in Rwanda this year, John’s successful surgery, my business growth and personal development, my sister’s family coming to Portland to visit, and so many other […]

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American Flags

And Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood

Their cases landed on my desk three weeks ago. After being in the country for seven months, their job coach made a sudden departure and their cases became mine. As a couple without children, they only had one month of government assistance remaining and only received a meager $420/month in total- I knew they would need […]

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30: A Year of Settling In

As I approach my anniversary of moving to Portland and just coming off an incredibly amazing birthday, I have so many thoughts flowing.

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