Fishermen on Istanbul’s Bosphorus River

No Istanbul itinerary is complete without a stroll across the Bosphorus River on the Galata Bridge. The bridge is lined with fishermen and the mosques make for a picturesque background. Since we were staying near Taksim Square, we decided to walk to the Old City so we could stroll across the bridge. 

We quickly discovered that fishermen in Istanbul come in all types. From scruffy old men that clearly make a hobby out of fishing to young kids and men wearing business suits, it’s a magnificent place to people watch.

People strategically set up  little stands to provide supplies to the mass of fishermen on Galata Bridge.

The Galata Bridge is unique in that there are bars and restaurants that line the river below the bridge. We never went there in the evenings because we heard it was expensive, but I have to admit, it would be pretty great to meet for drinks and overlook the river in the evening.

And of course with so many fish in Istanbul, I should mention all of the cats as well…

If you’re headed to Istanbul, check out this bridge. It is a fantastic place to people watch and make friends.

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