Have you ever seen the ocean?

Tonight, the boys and I are leaving for Mombasa. I’ve been staying in Nairobi, but I traveled out to the village yesterday so we could sort out packing and logistics for our safari to the coast. The day’s events deserve a posting on their own but today I wanted to share a video with you from my visit and what the boys think the coast will be like… including a much debated question, “Do people in Mombasa cook with the ocean’s salt water?”

I will warn you that a.) this video is roughly edited, b.) the volume changes in it quite a bit, and c.) it’s fairly long for a blog video. But even though I’m slightly biased, I think you should still watch it because their excitement is hard to miss! And then you can take place in the great debate about cooking with salt water in the comments below :)

(If the video does not show up in your browser, please click here.)

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