Montage Monday: Abe & Alan Do Bourbon St.

Abe Lincoln made a friend our last day in New Orleans. His name is Alan. You  may have seen him in The Hangover. Abe needed a dashboard buddy and their contrast in personality meant the relationship would always be interesting. With his newfound friend, it was necessary to christen the friendship by going out one last time on Bourbon Street. This event happened to coincide with the biggest gay festival of the year in New Orleans called Southern Decadence. It was quite the night. While I wavered on the fence as to whether I should post these photos, I decided that this is my life. Even if it’s a bit of a hot mess. There’s no need to censor it… okay, well actually, I have omitted plenty of photos from that night in order to keep it somewhat tasteful…I hope. Stella and I met a lot of interesting people on Bourbon Street that night and so did Abe & Alan!

Alan wanted to try a Hand Grenade
Abe likes the leather
Gigantic bottles of beer
Abe & Alan take a break for Lucky Dogs!

Stella finds a cowboy
More cowboys!
Alan and the sailors
The most serious bouncer out there
Uh oh... we almost lost Alan

Have you been to Bourbon Street? Anything worth noting? Perhaps you rode the mechanical whale?

One thought on “Montage Monday: Abe & Alan Do Bourbon St.

  • I envy you guys … Abe & Alan – They had already seen so many interesting things – will be enough for three my lifes :-). Thanks for a brilliant evening!

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