Montage Monday: Abe Does Kentucky

Abe at Hurst Discount Drug diner, Bardstown, KY

As part of our road trip there is an “Abe Does America” series unfolding. Our road trip mascot is none other than an Abraham Lincoln bobblehead. He wasn’t actually our first choice, but he’s grown on us and has been quite the entertainer. It always makes for interesting conversation…. “Can I get a photo of you with Abe… my bobblehead?”

Here are photos from Abe’s time spent in Kentucky, his birthplace and our first stop on the road trip!

Abe with his photograph at the Maker's Mark museum
Abe likes to hit the bottle every now and then
Abe looks longingly at Stella's coffee
Abe loves the diner
Abe gets crunk at Jim Beam distillery

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