Montage Monday: Planning My RTW Trip

Just over a year ago, this is what the top of my dresser looked like. I wanted to take off for an 8 month around the world trip and a.) Am the most indecisive person you will ever meet and b.) Have a not-so-secret love for the library. I could go anywhere I wanted in the entire world, pending that it fit within my budget, and found that to be one of the most exhilarating parts of planning my trip. I checked out lots of guidebooks and travel related books from the library because it was free and because I was there pretty much every week. Sadly, I’m not as avid a reader as many people I know,  but I just love the idea of having all of these books at my fingertips. On my lunch break, desperate to get away from my torture chamber (aka my job) I’d flee to the library. I’d hit up the travel section, and if I had time, I would visit art and architecture, non-fiction, and new releases. Travel books + Library = Bliss

And in case you were wondering, Bhutan was at the top of my travel list, I just couldn’t afford the government mandated travel costs! However, I will gladly accept a government sponsored trip (hint hint Bhutan).

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